How To Protect Your Appliances With An RV Voltmeter

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Whenever your appliances are receiving too much or too little power, they are at risk of some major damage. There are many ways you could be receiving the wrong amount of power, including the following:

Your generator might be fluctuating too much, meaning you might have an internal problem with your generator. If you are plugged in at a camp ground and it is a hot day, most people could be using their air conditioners. This would affect how much power you receive from the shore power outlet and could potentially harm your appliances.

Using A Voltmeter For Prevention

The voltmeter I use. Easy to see red and green areas let you know at a glance if you're getting inconsistent voltage. Click the picture to check it out at Camping World--a definite worthwhile investment.

With so many different ways you could be receiving improper amperage there is luckily one easy way to test for problems. An RV voltmeter is a simple, effective, and inexpensive tool that could save you thousands.

You can buy an easy-to-read RV voltmeter that will show you when you are receiving low or inconsistent voltage, and they plug directly into any outlet. The one I use points to green when safe and red when accessories should be turned off to prevent damage. I like to plug mine in right by the entry step so I can glance at it when I go in and out of my RV.

You can get the exact same one I use at Camping World here. I recommend it because its red and green color coding makes it real easy to read--just a quick glance and you can tell if your appliances are at risk of damage.

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