How Many Appliances Can My RV Run At Once?

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If you have a 30 amp RV and simply plug into a 30 amp outlet you can run your air conditioner and a couple other appliances at once. I've heard of people being able to run two air conditioners at once, but this is rare, and depends on your air conditioners.

Do you have 30 or 50 amps?

Your RV has either 30 amp or 50 amp capabilities. You can easily know which you have by looking at your power cord.

A large plug with 3 prongs is most common and is 30 amps. Bigger and newer RVs could have a 50 amp plug which is large and has four prongs. No matter how much power is available this is the maximum your RV will be able to accommodate.

If you are plugging a 50 amp plug into a 50 amp outlet you can run most everything you need simultaneously. This includes both your air conditioners. You can get a more detailed report about how much power specific appliances take up here, on the next question in this series.

Quite often the outlet you hope on plugging into doesn't match your plug, so you will not always have your maximum power capabilities. In these cases you will not only need to be prepared with the proper adapters but you will need to know how much power you will have available to run appliances. You can find information on both of these subjects in the rest of this electrical systems question series.

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