Water Leaks In Our RV From An Undeterminable Source

by Dianne
(Bremerton, WA)

In the past two days, we have had two water leaks in our 2003 Forest River Sunseeker 2450LE. The first suddenly appeared in the floorboard on the driver's side of the cab. The rug was soaked on the floorboard extending under the seat and into the aisle. The seat, door, dashboard and surrounding areas were all dry. We had just picked it up from the RV service shop (slide-out new seal and maintenance) when we noticed the wet flooring.

The second incident occurred the next day. While in the motorhome finalizing the clean up of the cab carpet noticed that the dinette cushions on the right side were soaking wet with some type of odorless pink liquid. The dinette is located in the slide-out which was extended fully. No evidence of water seepage on any surrounding area. The ceiling is dry, the slide-out was just serviced and resealed, no water under the seat below the plywood, no evidence of leakage around window. It was raining, but the motorhome was underneath our steel carport stored on our RV pad.

We've cleaned up the best we can by blotting up the water, running fans and opening outside vents, but don't know where to go from here to determine source of water leaks. What would you suggest? We're beginning to think we're being sabotaged, so, have ensured everything is locked up at all times.

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Sep 29, 2010
Undeterminable Source - Water Leaks
by: Robbie @ Warfords rv

Problem #1… I came across the exact same problem you described about a year ago on a class C Sunseeker and it took forever to locate the problem. Water was soaking the carpet under the driver’s seat and nothing else was wet.

We found water coming down the inside side wall behind the entry door. The water was entering through the seal above the windshield and the overhead cab. We also removed the interior trim and could see the rust from the water being in the wall. We were also getting moisture with the morning dew running down the front cap and into and through the molding over the windshield. Then it ran across the top of the entry door and down the wall and out onto the carpet; all this inside the wall of the chassis. We allowed the area to dry a few days and sprayed inside the walls with a rust preventative primer and sealed the seal above the windshield and down the sides behind the door on the outside. I can't guarantee this is your problem, but I wish you luck.

Problem #2… I'm going to need more info to help here. The pink odorless fluid could have been a winterizing fluid, but I can't tell you how this got on the dinette seat. Did this only happen once? Was it only on the dinette cushion? Was the motor home recently detailed or winterized?

Good Luck.... Robbie @ Warfordsrv.com

Sep 29, 2010
Cushion Leaks Continued
by: Dianne

Just the cushions were wet - nothing else. No odor. Just soaked with a pink stain. I was in the MH about two hours earlier and they were dry. I could not find any signs of where the moisture came from. The MH was under cover (a metal carport structure) and dry. My husband thinks we have RV ghosts :-).

Sep 30, 2010
Undeterminable Source - Water Leaks
by: Robbie @ Warfords rv

Ok, good luck with the ghost. If it does happen again try ghost busters or contact me with as much info as you can and I will do my best to help you. Until there is more you can tell me I just don't have an answer for you.

Good luck,
Robbie at Warfords RV

Sep 30, 2010
Wet Carpet, Continued
by: Dianne Bremerton, WA

Thanks for your comments regarding the wet carpet. We will definitely check out that possibility.

Apr 25, 2012
Pink fluid on passenger seat of car
by: Geo

This morning I noticed my right passenger seat was soaked with a translucent oderless pink liquid. There wasn't any evidence that pointed to the source of it. Can anyone tell me what it could be from? The story here really sounds like the same thing that happened to me, very strange, very mysterious. I can't for the life of me figure it out!

This happened in my toyota matrix, thought it could have been gatorade but filled that out once there was no bottle on the seat or anywhere in the car!

Nov 25, 2012
Low water pressure -
by: Leslie

We have a 2001 Forest River Travel Trailer we have been living in full-time for 17 months and had no water pressure issues. The last few months have been terrible,it is effecting all water sources; toliet, shower, and both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Waqter hose that provides water has strong pressure and we have replaced all faucet filters. we do not use hot water and there fore have bypast the hot water line. I have purchased a new HIGH CAPACITY exterior water filter, but i have doubts that is the fix for this. We are not using the holding tank water, so it is empty and we are not using the water pump either. Please advise if you have information that will help.

Thank you,


Feb 28, 2019
RV Roof Leak Suggestion NEW
by: Angela Jones

If you have a leak, it can cause some expensive damage in a short amount of time. Not only will you have to deal with the unsightly damage of water spots and stains on the inside of your RV, but the water that is seeping into the ceiling and the walls can eventually destroy parts of the RV. Use Liquid Roof as a way to add a seal to your roof that is waterproof and that will stop more water from getting in and causing damage.

May 08, 2019
Flimsy floor
by: James

I took up a piece of the vinyl and the underlayment (particle board) was damp and black mold. It's a 16' travel trailer. The floor is only 8-9' long. I took up the hole floor. Half tile half rug. Under tile wet and black under rug dry no mold. the wetness stopped exactly where the rug started? Could it be coming from underneath the carriage. Maybe it was able to breath through the rug. That's why dry there. Any HELP. Thanks

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