Water Damage To Coachman 5th Wheel

by Ann
(Pensacola, FL)

We have a 2007 Wyoming 5th wheel. We were having problems with the bedroom slideout not closing all the way. Took in for repair and was told there was water damage under the slideout portion and all of the slideout would have to be replace and repair. Approximately $2500 for repairs. Also given a quote in the amount of $1300 to replace the silicone (none of which has holes or separation in it). Please advise any information on these two issues.

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Mar 11, 2011
Water Damage To Coachman 5th Wheel
by: Robbie

It is always a great idea to get more than one opinion on an estimate, especially when it can be a costly repair. Without being able to physically see the problem I can't directly help you myself with an estimate.

I do recommend calling the manufacturer and getting their opinion on the repair. Call the manufacturer not only to get an estimate of cost but see how many hours they believe it will take to do the repair.

To remove, rebuild, and replace your slide out a $2500 estimate seems reasonably priced, but again I can't see the actual damage. Get a second or even third opinion and hopefully you can find a good deal.

Thanks for the question,
Robbie @ Warford's RV

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