Was My RV Roof Repair Quote Fair?

by Robbie Cook
(Carson City, NV)

Question: Hello, great site, a lot of excellent do-it-yourself info.  I have a 1-year-old tango trailer with 2 rips in the roof where it goes over the edge of the trailer.  The rips are both about 2" long.  I was quoted $600-$800 to repair these small tears.

1st, is that a reasonable price?

2nd, do I have to pull the gutter rail to apply the tape correctly? If so how do I seal the gutter rail?  Also what is the best kind of tape to use?

Thank you in advance.


Answer: While it is easy to downplay someone else's estimate, it seems yours is high. A repair of 2 small rips is not that hard to do.

You're saying the rips are only two inches in length so repairing would require a small patch, and yes it would require being tucked under the gutter rail for a good seal. Removing the screws in the gutter rail a couple of feet each way of the rip and then tucking the patch material with a dull scraper is not that time consuming.

The material can be bought at any RV supply and is sold in a kit. It has the patch material 12" x 12" sq. and a tube of sealer to apply to the edges only--the patch material already has the adhesive. Here's a 9"x10" variety at CampingWorld.com.

I'd be happy to chat if you want to call me for further info.

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Jul 07, 2011
You Saved Me A Lot Of Money!
by: Robbie Cook

Robbie, Thank you so much for your quick reply!! Why do you give such good, free advice?! What you just confirmed for me saved me a lot of money! 
Is there a particular brand of patch material that you prefer? What brand of sealant?  Also is it really necessary to condition the rubber roof with that spray on conditioner?  If so what brand do you recommend?  Thank you so much, I wish I could meet and pay you for this excellent advice. My wife thanks you as well!  :) 

Jul 07, 2011
Conditioner On The Rubber Roof
by: Robbie Warford

Glad you were happy with my response. I have been doing this for 30 years and just feel people should have a place to get advice without being sold something.

About using conditioner on the rubber: Do you really need to wax your car? It's kinda the same thing, the conditioner will help stop the the chaulkyness and decay caused from the sun. Our local RV Store has a product they sell called Protect-all Roof Conditioner.

The patch kit to repair your little rips is made by "Dicor" and comes with an up to 14 x 14 patch you can cut to size and a tube of Dicor sealer to apply around the edges of the patch  and the patch is self adhesive. Here's one online at Camping World.

Have a great day,

Jul 07, 2011
Life Saver
by: Robbie Cook

Thank you again, you are a complete life saver!! You should be payed for this, I will definitely be using you again.  Sincerely, Robbie

Jul 10, 2011
Thanks for the advice & this web site!
by: Mike A.

Hi Robbie:

Just wanted to thank you for all of the FREE advice you've given me, which has worked out very well & saved me tons of money!
I also want to thank you for this website, which takes a lot of your time, reaches everyone in the world, & results in NO return for you at all.
I live in Indiana, & I get to the San Diego area about once every 10 years or so, & the next time I'm out there I'm going to look you up & thank you in person!

Mike A.

Jul 10, 2011
Great Site!
by: LB Brother

Just wanted to add my kudos to Mike A's comments. I agree, you have a great site here and your advice and information is top notch... no BS, no 'made up' answers on the fly, just clear, real honest info; probably the result of years of experience with all sorts of RVs, systems, AND their changes. Twice now you have saved me considerable time and money with your straight talk. The dealerships are fine for what they do, but pro advice from someone like you, is gold. And have you seen gold prices lately? Very refreshing. Thanks again.

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