Speedometer Not Working After Electric Step Repaired

by Rocky

Question: Recently our electric steps stopped working on our 2001 Damon Intruder and I took it in to a local RV place for repairs. After some goofing around they finally got the steps working again. Then I noticed that the speedometer is erratic and now reads 55mph when I first start the coach and it is still in park. While going down the road the speedometer is erratic and only gets close to the actual speed after driving for some time. The cruise control still works okay and will keep the coach at a constant speed even though the speedometer may be off by quite a bit. The speedometer tends to read high most of the time. Any suggestions?

Robbie: There is only one wire that goes to your step from your ignition. It is a yellow wire that over-rides the step switch so your step will retract when you close the door when your going to drive the coach. You can cut the wire to see if it corrects your speedometer problem but I don't see how it could. Your Speedometer is electronic and could be just a ground problem or a connection issue, but repairing a step is unlikely to have anything to do with your speedometer.

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