RV Roof Leak Ceiling Repair

by Andy

Question: It rained the other day and my ceiling was leaking inside, the ceiling is soft in an area next to the a/c about 18 x 24 inches so am sure it is due to bad seal around the a/c. My main question is, Do I need to tear down the bad ceiling area and replace it or can I leave it up, but I am worried about mold growing. Thanks

Robbie: Sorry to hear about the leak. Often finances dictate what you do to repair this problem. It would be nice to remove the AC and leave it off to allow air to get into the ceiling and allow it to dry. Either way you'll need to replace the gasket under the AC. If you can't do this right now you'll at least need to tighten the bolts that secure the AC and I'll bet when you go to do this you will find them loose. Most all need tightening after a few years after they're installed. If this is the first time the ceiling has been wet I don't think you'll get a mold issue as the ceiling is not air tight from the inside and will allow the ceiling to dry.

Good luck,

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