RV Refrigerator NOT Cooling

by Chris
(Sioux Falls, SD)

Question: I have a dometic RM3662 refrigerator in my RV and it quit cooling this past weekend while we were camping. It doesn't cool on either gas or electric setting. I've checked all the fuses and they are fine. The gas and elec part of the fridge seem to be working normally (the pilot lights, etc). The indicator lights on the front (top) of the fridge are also operating normally (no check light, etc), temperature setting at "5" (coldest). I do not smell any "ammonia" type smells nor do I see any yellowish or greenish signs of leaks. At the back of the refrigerator, the coils for the coiling unit are not hot, not even warm. Do you think the cooling unit has gone bad or is it something else? Thanks for your help.

Robbie: If after 8 hours you have no heat in the pipes behind the refrigerator and your LP pilot is on (flame is on), then your cooling unit is bad and will need to be replaced. It is most likely what is call "blocked" and is not allowing the chemicals in the pipes to flow. I'm sure you've heard of pulling the refrigerator and turning it upside down for 24 hours and back upright for 24 hrs and then it might work. Realistically it might work for a while but odds are the blockage will return.

You now have to make a big decision. To replace the cooling unit will run about $800, so how old is the refrigerator and in what condition is the inside. Is the door falling off? Is the inside falling apart? Is the refrigerator worth the investment to repair? To replace a RM3662 will run you about $1500 installed.

Lastly, you also can replace your refrigerator with a household model that works on 110V only. But remember you'll never sell the trailer or motorhome for its value afterwards. It's a huge downgrade not having the LP option to cool the refrigerator.

Good luck,

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Jun 05, 2012
A leak in the broiler section of cooling unit
by: Dwayne

Can I repair a leak in the broiler section of the cooling unit without replacing the cooling unit?

May 17, 2017

HI ROBBIE My names TERRY i live down-under on a rural property i have a WACO FRIDGE FREEZER MODEL BR 80C4 its been working fine for some time hem i turned it back on it gives me this weird digital code on the led Can you please dicipher it it is half a number 1 a full 1 half a number 1 and a full no 1 CAN YOU PLEASE HELP AS I AM MILES FROM A CITY CHEERS TERRY

Jun 04, 2017
Not cooling even tho meets all requirements NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine has the same traits, EXCEPT that my coilers get warm and eventually hot. And it's in excellent exterior condition. So it seems to meet all the requirements for a well-working fridge, except it does NOT cool

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