Replacing a Rubber Roof With a Metal Roof on a Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

by Donald
(Tahlequah, OK)

Question: I am looking at buy a 1992 prowler fifth wheel travel trailer. It had a rubber roof on it but it got damaged by being pulled under a tree limb. The person put plywood down on top of the rubber roof and sealed it down. but it still leaked in the front. I want to know if I pull the rubber roof off and if I could replace it with a metal roof.

Robbie: Without looking at the unit and how the rubber is laid it is hard for me to be accurate with an answer, but yes it can be done. However, I don't advise it. It would be more cost effective and require half the time in labor to remove the old rubber roof and the wood patch and lay new rubber. You cannot lay a new rubber roof over the old rubber because it won't stick. I've seen it done and turned out to be a real mess.

Good luck,

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Oct 18, 2014
what type of rubber do I use to patch
by: Lorie

We tore our antenna off because it was the problem, where the leak was. What type of rubber do we use to patch the hole and reseal it?
Thank you

Jul 05, 2017
mad owner NEW
by: darrell

I'm 63 and have had alot of trailers in my day as well as overhead campers. I've also rebuilt a few due to water damage due to lack of maintenance. I bought a neww 5th wheel in 2000. That was one big mistake. I wish I had never bought the thing becuase it had a rubber roof on it. Taking it home I had to turn around and return it back to the dealer becuase the rubber roof was already starting to come off on the highway. Two and a half months later I get it back with a new roof on it. Four months later it's leaking in the front just sitting parked. Again back to another dealer for that repair. They caulked lie crazy over every seam. It looked like a 3 year old was hired to blob it on. Then sitting a parked in 2004 it starts leaking in the back right corner. I had know idea this time . it was in the corner behind the tub and shower wall. I had knee replacemet and didn't use the trailer for a year and a half. It was totaled by my insurance company due to the rear bath roof leak. If you look on line this is an EVERYDAY THING WITH RUBBER ROOFS. I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER. I WILL REPLACE THEM WITH ALUMINUIM. I WILL NEVER BUY INTO THE R.V. INDUSTRIES LIE ON HOW GREAT THEIR MONEY MAKING RUBBER ROOFS ARE. THEY ARE MAKING TRILLIONS OF DOLLERS NOW SELLING THE MAINTENACE SUPPLIES FOR THESE ROOFS. AND GUARNETEE ROOF REPLACEMENTS FOR THEIR SERVICE STAFF. THESE RUBBER ROOFS ARE A JOKE!

Sep 14, 2017
Replacing RV roof with aluminum NEW
by: Pam

I'm hoping to contact someone who did replace an RV roof with aluminum. If Darrel reads this please let me know how much that cost and how to find someone to do it. Thanks.

Sep 16, 2017
Corrugated roof NEW
by: Gene

I want to put corrugated tin on my 30ft camper with it higher in the front sloping towards the other side of the camper. Has anyone done this and if you have can you give me some pointers?

Dec 06, 2017
Aluminum roof over Rubber roof. NEW
by: Ronnie Savoy

I have been having the materials to do the roof for about a year. Just looking for a something to put between the aluminum and rubber or should I put anything. Evert thing is already off my roof. Waiting for ideal weather.

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