Problems With Power Gear Jacks In My RV

by Bud Corwin
(Apache Junction, Az)

Question: Hi Robbie,

Having another problem. Hopefully you can steer me in the right direction. As stated in my previous posts, we live in our 2003 Fleetwood Excursion 38U.

This coach has Power Gear jacks, which are hydrolicly operated. Recently, the jacks seem to be popping. After I level the coach, a day or two latter they seem to be lowering by themselves. I have looked for leaks, but can't see any fluid anywhere on the ground. It acts like there might be air in the system, although I don't know how that would happen. Any ideas?

Bud Corwin

Robbie: If all the jacks are creeping then you have a leak in the solenoid system. I would suggest you have a qualified tech diagnose and repair this. Power Gear can be very difficult to get on the phone for tech support or ordering parts so be patient with your repair center.

You're not going to have air in the system because it is self bleeding, but with the jacks fully retracted check and make sure your reservoir is full.


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