Our Refrigerator Door Fell Off The Hinge

by Bud Corwin
(Apache Junction, Az)

Question: We live in our 2003 Fleetwood Excursion. It has a Norcold Model # 1200LRIM. We have had to take our rig with this refrigerator in to repair shops twice on recalls. Last week, my wife opened the door and it fell to the floor. What's with this? Come to find out, the door is all plastic and the hinge area just fell apart.

A new door is over $600., not including tax or installation. Has anyone else had this problem with their fridge doors? It is not from any abuse. We do not slam the doors shut and I do not drive down bad roads. We only have 31700 miles on our rig, so I doubt it is from neglect. Any replies would be appreciated.

Robbie: Sorry to hear about your door, but over the years I've seen it on most all models regardless of the brand. There are a few reasons this could happen, and yes, one of the reasons is due to the use of the plastic hinges. It can also be caused by the obvious of over-loading the doors with heavy items and then driving also really puts a load on the hinges. If the hinges become loose without you knowing it, they can break under a load. Either way new doors are expensive. You might want to contact some RV appliance repair centers and see if you can find a used door.

Good Luck,

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Jun 03, 2011
Thank You Robbie
by: Bud Corwin

Hey Robbie,

Thank you for your comeback on my fridge door. Although I think I have a remedy, I haven't fixed it yet. I am going to try and weld a piece onto the bottom corner of the door. I think this will solve my problem. Will let you know.

I also had a problem with my large slide not going in. I read a responce from someone, can't remember where I caught it though. Anyway, they said they had the same problem. They found that by cutting the wire connector at the motor and wire-nutting it togeather, it solved their problem. I did this and my slide works fine now. Thanks to whoever sent this information. I'm in your gratitude.

Jun 16, 2011
Fridge Door
by: Glenda

We own a 2009 Fleetwood Mallard travel trailer and as we were getting it ready for the season the fridge door fell off in my hands as well. The hinges are also plastic and broke on both the top and bottom.

Any advice or tips on how to repair this?

Jun 17, 2011
Fixed It
by: Bud Corwin

Hey Glenda,
Sorry to hear about your fridge door. I don't know why these companies make these so darn cheap.You would think for what you have to pay for an RV, they would take a little pride in their workmanship. I finally fixed mine last week. I took the door off and plastic welded a new piece of plastic on the bottom where it had broken. So far, so good. I think I made the patch heavy enough to hold up. Won't know till we get back on the road. Hope this will help you with yours.

Aug 12, 2011
class suit is needed
by: phyllis

we have a Gulfstream class A RV with a side by side Norcold Refrigerator 1200 series. The right door fell off almost removing my husband's big toe.
We have since learned of the cheap plastic hinge screwed in with 2 screws about 1/4 inch long that Norcold expected to hold this door on while weighing 25 pounds. Who in their right mind designed this ridiculous system? It cost us $1000.00 to replace the door and it almost cost us a big toe. No telling how long it will take for the toe to heal after having it sewn back on and scattering the bones.

I would like to find anyone who is involved in a class action suit regarding this same problem OR get a group together and file one ourselves.
Does anyone know of anyone involved in a law suit with Norcold over their door falling off?

Aug 13, 2011
Re: Class Action
by: Bud Corwin

Hi Phillis,
Just read about your disastrious experience with your Norcold 1200 refer. Mine was the right side door also. I thought I had it fixed, but it didn't hold and fell off again. I think it might be a good idea if we, the ones whose doors have fallen off, contacted Norcold about this. If we don't get a positive settlement from them, than we might think about a class action against them. What are your thoughts on this? Please feel free to contact me at the following:


Anyone else that has had this problem may also contact me at the above address.


Bud Corwin

Aug 28, 2011
Norcold Junk
by: Bill

My door hinge broke as well, cutting my arm as I tried to catch it. Norcold has a very defective design here!! They know it, but are selling new doors, that will break as well. The lower hinge supports all the weight, and is not rigid enough to do the job. I fabricated a base plate from stainless steel, and put it on the bottom of the door. Will not be further trouble, but someone is going to get hurt by Norcold's neglect!! Good Luck, Bill

Oct 12, 2011
Norcold door falls off
by: Cris

I am another statistic. Last night when I opened the refrigerator door on the right side, it Fell Off! I went on the Internet to search for a solution to fixing the plastic hinge and found
your forum.

I wasn't hurt, but my dog almost lost a leg. He is always laying on the floor close to where I am working.

I agree with the other victims that something needs to be done. It is a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt. If Norcold insists on selling $5,000 + refrigerators with inferior plastic hinges, they should inform the public to periodically check the hinges. But they won't do that because then they are admitting that they build refrigerators with defective parts.

Please let me know if there is any thing I can do about this Norcold situation.

Oct 13, 2011
Norcold Fridge Doors
by: Bud Corwin

I keep reading about all the door problems with Norcold and I have to ask, how can they keep makeing the same mistake over and over? Although it's not the hinge that is braking, it is the plastic door itself. It just is not heavy enough guage plastic to hold the weight that is put on them, which in my case, was not much at all. If any of you wish to contact me to persue this issue further, please email me and maybe we can get something started. Hope you all have many safe miles of RVing, and let's keep in touch.

Jun 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

This same problem occurred on my Norcold 1200.

I was not injured but could have been as this door is heavy and is almost 2 ft above the floor on my rig. I fixed it with JB Weld and that repair lasted several years before it had to do it again.

The Refer has since quit working. I have refused to replace it with a new Norcold 1200 because the norcold rep admits there has been no change in the design of the doors. I cannot understand why Norcold chooses to trash their name and reputation by putting out such an inferior piece of junk.

Not sure what to do about a new Refer in my Rig. Have herd about some conversions to conventional refers. but that would mean running the Gen set continuously. I would like to know more about the individual who repaired his door with stainless steel. maybe he should consider marketing an after market repair for these doors. If I had a good fix for the doors I would replace the cooling unite. Norcold should know that the next time i buy an RV it will not be equipped with a Norcold Refrigerator. And of course there are the constant recalls from norcold because RV's are burning up with the occupants inside.

Oct 28, 2012
Norcold N1095-IM fridge
by: KamperAl

My saga can be found on the FMCA forum. It started with a new Winnebago coach, about 11 months in the door hinge broke, just like everybody else is describing, mid trip, brother-in-law's toe, the whole ball of wax. Fortunately we were still under warrenty, were able to get a new door in short order. Winnebago insisted I was the only one with the problem, we all know better. I said that if I was the only one they should have no problem EXTENDING my warrenty, just on the door, for an additional year, thier response "We'll see". Sure as God made little green apples, 9 months later door #2 did a repeat performance of the original door. I screamed like a wounded Polar Bear, the dealer said we'll take care of it, which they did, at no cost to me. Needing to use the rig before the door could be replaced I patched the broke hinge with Epoxy & a bit of creative engineering, involving a fitted piece of strap steel and some Pop-Rivets. The repair worked so well that as soom as I returned home from the shop I removed door #3 and carefully crafted a reinforcement. I'm quite confident that this will end my fridge door hinge problem.

Nov 23, 2012
Refer Door Fell Off
by: Anonymous

My Norcold 1200LRIM refer door fell off too. It would seem that Thetford would be sensitive to this issue due to frequency and injuries showing up here on the net. Particularly in view of several simple creative fixes that apparently resolve the issue. Norcold was frigid to the matter and advised to purchase a new door through a dealer. Like $800 plus.

I would recommend that anyone who has had a refer door fall off report the matter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safty Commission at 4330 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD. 20814.

The CPSC can also be reached by phone for general information at 301-504-7923, 8-4:30 ET. The CPSC Hot Line is 800-638-2772, 8-4:30 ET or leave a message.

Just maybe we can get Thetford/Norcold's attention due to a pitifully designed hinge. I plan to try to get a blurb published in the FMCA Motor Coaching Magazine. Hope someone scribes a note to Good Sam Highways Magazine.

Please take the time to follow up on reporting the downfall of a "Norcold Refer Door."

Nov 24, 2012
Please Contact Me
by: Bud Corwin

To all those folks who own an RV with a Norcold 1200 Refridgerator.
If you have had your door fall off, please cotact me and let's get this issue resolved.
I can almost guarantee that this will happen to you.
It's time for Norcold to be held responsable for manufacturing such a defective piece of junk.
If there are any lawyers out there who have had this happen to them, please let us know what our alternetives are.
Please contact me at:

Dec 03, 2012
Norcold Fridge Door (1095)
by: Harv800

We have a 2008 Carriage Carri-lite and we too have had our fridge door fall off - breaking jars and spilling liquids everywhere! Luckily no one was hurt. We attempted to repair with industrial plastic bond glue but no luck. We are in the process of - hopefully- ordering parts but it looks like it might be a whole new door. I agree with the other poster, these units cost $1000's of dollars and they are using plastic parts to hold the assembly together?? We live full-time in our RV for the last 4 months and can't go without a proper fridge. Norcold should have this under a manufacturer's recall and replacing the parts at little or no charge!! How many assemblies have to break and injuries happen before Norcold takes some responsibility?? Yes, add our names to the list.


Aug 10, 2014
Door Fell Off.
by: Phil

My daughter-in-law opened the right refrigerator door of my Norcold 1200LRIM refrigerator and it fell to the floor, barely missing her foot. This plastic hinge is a bunch of junk and Norcold should have are all and repair at their expense. Let me know about your calcitonin.

Aug 10, 2014
Door Fell Off.
by: Phil

My daughter-in-law opened the right refrigerator door of my Norcold 1200LRIM refrigerator and it fell to the floor, barely missing her foot. This plastic hinge is a bunch of junk and Norcold should have a recalll and repair at their expense. Let me know about your class action suit.

Aug 18, 2014
Door fell off
by: Anonymous

Just had the same problem on new 2014 rv we bought in December of 2013. Fortunately no one was hurt but what a pain. Dealer has ordered a new door for us, but are we gonna have the same problem with a new door?

Sep 20, 2014
Fixed Mine
by: Phil G

My right door fell off this morning. The right bottom plastic bracket apparently broke. I have a 2002 refrig so I did get some use before it broke. looked on the web and found this site but other than gluing, not sure anyone found a fix. I believe I did.
My 1200rlim has a metal bracket with two screws in it located at the bottom right door. . It was just screwed into a hard plastic holder which was what broke.
I removed the two screws and found that the bracket where the screws formerly were, had threads in them. I drilled a hole through the wood portion of the door (not the refrigerator interior) where those two screws were formerly located. I got a 8/32 screw and was able to insert that screw from the outside of the refrigerator door and was able to screw it snugly into one of the holes with the threads on the bracket. I got a self tapping wood screw and used the other hole in the bracket to insert the wood screw from inside the door and snugged it down tightly into the wood of the door (this screw you cannot see from the outside of the ref ridge). The first screw is at the bottom of the hinge and is hard to see. Its there, but not that big of a deal to me. We remounted the door and put the retaining bolt
back in and its nice and snug and works great. Figured it was better than buying a new door and appears to be stronger than the plastic.

Dec 16, 2014
Ref door
by: Jul

OMG I opened the door and the hinge broke. Will super glue fix this piece of plastic? I can not believe it

Dec 16, 2014
Super-Glue Wont do it
by: Kamperal

No, Super-Glue Wont do the job. Read the threads & see how I & several others solved the $600 to $1000 door dilemma..

Jan 01, 2015
Boy, was I surprised
by: Nancy Davis

Thought this was an isolated problem - finding out it is not! Right door of our Norcold 1200 fridge came off. Luckily, missed my toes and dogs, thank goodness. The New Year is starting off on a bad note. Can't believe the price of just a door! Husband liked the pop rivet idea better than screws, so he pop riveted the hinge back on and filled the plastic area that broke off with Ace Hardware's plumbers epoxy putty that sets up like steel. He uses that for multiple repairs. He is confident it will work, but that is certainly not the point. Great suggestion to contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Will do the other door just in case.

Jan 08, 2015
My door just broke :(
by: sarah_fen

Same here.. opened the fridge and wham!! door on the ground. I am sure it is out of warranty as we bought the trailer used. We do not have the money to buy a new door. Has anyone had any luck with the company owning up to this issue and resolving it without having to purchase a new door?

such as pain as our trailer is our home.

Thanks all!


Jan 25, 2015
Just happened to me last night
by: Maureen

I also had the right hand refrigerator door fall off last night on our Norcold Refrigerator. After looking closely at the construction of the hinge, I am amazed at the cheap hinge. Who in the world designed this? As expensive as these refrigerators are, there is NO EXCUSE!! If there is a class action lawsuit ......count me IN!!!


Feb 27, 2015
Our doors have fallen off too!!
by: Ruth & Pete

Have a Norcold 1200LRIM in our 2002 Fleetwood Discovery which we bought used. We do live in it full-time, but have only taken one trip with it. Starting in January we have had L door fall off, R door fall of, and just last night the R door fell off again. Pete will be looking at some of the repair suggestions above!! JB Weld & Epoxy don't do the job! What a pain, especially in the toes/foot!! So far has missed the dog & cat, thank goodness! We want to be included in any class-action also!!


Jun 15, 2015
Count me in.
by: Anonymous

Have had the same issue with lower right door in my 2006 Pace Arrow.


Jul 21, 2015
Refrig Hinge Broke
by: Unhappy Norcold Customer

After a little over a year of use, our brand new Norcold N600 refrig hinge broke. This is crap, as I know they have know about this defect for a long time. Wonder if the BBB can help? Anyone have any luck complaining to Norcold. They brushed me off. Oh yea, and get this. You can also buy a reinforcement kit for about 40 bucks. I asked why they don't reinforce from the get go, couldn't answer my question!

Jul 21, 2015
Refrig Hinge Broke
by: Unhappy Norcold Customer

After a little over a year of use, our brand new Norcold N600 refrig hinge broke. This is crap, as I know they have know about this defect for a long time. Wonder if the BBB can help? Anyone have any luck complaining to Norcold. They brushed me off. Oh yea, and get this. You can also buy a reinforcement kit for about 40 bucks. I asked why they don't reinforce from the get go, couldn't answer my question!

Sep 02, 2015
Same thing with us
by: mitch

2003 Journey. Right door fell off. Mine has metal hinges, but was held on to the hinge with 2 tiny screws on to the thinnest piece of plastic imaginable. Repaired mine as per Phil G. Not going to spend 800.00 for another cheap door which would do the same thing. Will buy no more equipment made by Norcold.

Dec 27, 2015
Just need screws
by: Terry B

My post is similar or everyone else's. Opened refrigerator last night and door missed my toes by small margin. My issue seems to be the screws are stripped. After fighting it for about an hour, I finally "borrowed" a screw from the freezer door to hold at least one part of door in place. Can't find the screws online. Will try to call Norcold Monday morning.

Jun 15, 2016
Door fell off
by: Anonymous

I had the unfortunate experience of refrigerator door falling off because of plastic bracket breaking. This was my fix to keep expense down of having to purchase new door.
1. made clean cut where plastic broke.
2. Cut a length of 3/8" stainless tubing to go
between upper and lower hinge pins on door.
3. installed 3 one hole 3/8" tube straps on right
side of door with metal screws with tubing
toward front of door.
4. aligned tubing ends into pins on hinges, top
first and wala, should last long time.

Jun 18, 2016
Norcold hinges
by: Rovin' Aspect

The Norcold N611RT frig in our rig is cheap plastic. The bottom hinge broke off and the Norcold fix is to buy a new door! Totally unacceptable!!! This product needs to be recalled and replaced as there are hundreds of complaints. Norcold ignores all the inquiries. They obviously know the hinges are crap because there is a retrofit kit you can buy. The retrofit kit does not work if the hinge is already broken, This should be included and installed in new sales. The book and owners manusls do not contain any information about these cheap plastic hinges. Seems like Norcold is only interested in selling their crappy refrigerators to manufacturers and there is no customer service or satisfaction to replace the door at Norcold's expense, nor do they provide a fix for doors that are already broken. I guess as consumers we should start a class action law suit, notify consumer protection agency, the BBB, and all RV manufacturers about this. Maybe that would get Norcold to become customer oriented to provide a fix for the hinges already broken, and to install and manufacture the hinges in metal. This has been a problem for years and needs to be solved! Totally unacceptable product and customer service from Norcold.

Jul 18, 2016
Nor old junk
by: Anonymous

Same story here....always treated gently but the damn cheap door broke! WTF?

Sep 12, 2018
Norcos been making these design flawed doors for at least8 years NEW
by: jmstc4255

Seems to me there should be a recall on this, as with everybody else we have not abused this refrigerator and the door fell off . Norcold told us to get a reinforcement kit which is useless after the hinge broke. Thetford owns Norcold . I believe everybody should contact them (www.thetford.com) demanding them to buy and or replace defective door, they should be sued with a class action suit. Thetford has known about this problem for a long time and their solution is to buy a reinforcement kit for a broken door.

Jul 12, 2019
Norcold Rerigerator door fell off NEW
by: Dbaise

Took our campers winter blankie off and opened it up to get ready for camping season and found the refrigerator door laying on the floor. Same story-cheap plastic hinge had broken on the bottom and door fell to the floor. We leave in 4 days and without a refrigerator now. I won't have time to try to fix or rig it. Thanks Norcold for knowingly producing junk! As long as the bottom line is met and the C level gets their bonuses, who cares about the people who are stuck with your poorly made product, right?

Feb 03, 2020
Us too, twice
by: Anonymous

Add us to the list. Frige has hinges on the right side. It's the hinge pins themselves that have gone on ours. Twice now.


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