My RV Solar Power Isn't Working, What Can I Do?

by Marty Wilson

Question: My RV solar isn't working. What can I do to check it out?

Robbie: You'll need a meter capable of reading DC Volts. Locate the regulator the solar is connected to and disconnect one of the wires COMING IN from the solar (Neg. or Pos. doesn't matter). Now take a reading with the solar panels in the sun. You should be getting a reading over 21 volts. If the reading is high enough the solar is working.

Now connect the wire back to the regulator and disconnect a wire on the outside of the regulator GOING TO the battery. Take a reading with the meter and it should read over 13.2V and less than 14.1. If you get this reading, the regulator is good and a connection between the regulator and battery is bad or dirty. Or your battery has a short in one of the cells not allowing the battery to take a charge.

If the solar is connected at the battery you can check the lead from the solar by removing it at the battery and taking a reading there. If you are getting a charge reading then the problem is most likely in the battery, if not, you will need to trace it back and find out why. Make sure your grounds are clean and all connections are tight.

Good luck and I hope this helps,

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