My RV Roof AC Does Not Cool

by mary
(greer s)

Question: My 87 Winnebago roof top air conditioner doesn't cool. It runs but won't get cold. What should I do?

Robbie: If the AC is 25 years old I'd be happy it lasted that long. Due to its age I would strongly suggest you replace the AC unit new. Parts will be very difficult to find. A new AC unit will be much more efficient and will save you a lot of money in electrical cost. A new AC also weighs almost 50% less that your old one. The basic rule of thumb when doing AC repairs is nothing over 10 years old, if older we recommend replacement. Have a good day and Good luck

Thanks for the Question Good Luck,

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Sep 08, 2012
Just say no to RVP
by: Jaime

Wow, a 25 year old roof top a/c? That is awesome! It is my understanding that RVP designs the Coleman to fail after 3 years, and mine is going that way, right on schedule. Last year I replaced the thermostat, control board and fan motor. I have replaced all of the capacitors TWICE. This summer, it seems to be blowing not as cold, so I suppose that compressor is next. If I buy another rooftop a/c it will probably be an Advent. But, honestly, this summer, I did the redneck thing and stuck a little $100 5000 BTU LG unit in the window, and all by itself it turned my RV into an icebox. It has its disadvantages, but 62 degrees in my bedroom is not really one of them. On the triple degree days, the rooftop air would still kick on, but at least I didn't have to sleep with that freight train roaring over head at night!

May 04, 2015
same problem
by: Ann

I have the same problem with my 2010 Springdale camper. My air turns on but won't cool. We had the relay box replaced and it still won't cool. Any ideas in what it could be?

Jun 20, 2016
Thermostat reads E2. Ac not cooling
by: Anonymous

My temp setting reads E2

Jul 06, 2016
2008 model camper

My rooftop Carrier Air V will not cool at all. The fan blows in either cool or fan only modes. Is there a sensible fix? Where do I start? Would love to do this inexpensively!

Apr 30, 2019
Need of air conditioning service men that comes to me. lol
by: Kathy

I also just bought an old trailer 2002 springdale and the air worked for a couple weeks and now wont cool down enough during the day. I can't find any one willing to come and either repair it or install another. I can not move my trailer now it is in place. Was very hard to get here. Is there any one willing to service AC on trailers in Vero Beach? I had to replace the tub, kitchen sink faucet and have my deck brought over. this is getting very expensive and I can't imagine living with out air conditioning. I spent all my retirement money on this trailer plus some. Any one out there willing to come fix air conditioners with out having to have my trailer towed to the dealers? My old trailer air was replaced and they came to the property but wont come any more. Homelessness is becoming an epidemic in America thanks to the greediness of the rental landlords and many people rely on these little trailers to live in not vacation. Poor people trying not to go homeless. lol There should be someone who would like to corner this market. Not all RV owners are rich. lol

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