Mouse In The House Making A Mess

by Gary Owens

Question:Do you know of anything that will keep mice from getting in my 1999 Winniebago Cheiftain 36L they have gotten to the furnace and packed it full of newspaper and me not knowing it i turned the furnace on and it eventualy caught fire shooting burning news paper out the floor vents

thank god I caught it before it caused any damage now I need to remove the furnace or gain access to the blower motor to clean it out. Would you have any idea on getting to the furnace and what to use to deter mice? Thanks for your help Gary from Bealeton Va.

Robbie:Sorry to hear about your mice problem but you are correct that the furnace needs to be removed and blown out with air and inspected for wire damage also check all the wiring around the furnace mice love to chew on wires. While the furnace is out get a shop vac and run/push the hose as far as you can in the floor ducts to clean them out. To keep the mice out is the issue and the hardest thing to do. You'll need to go underneath and close every hole you can using steel wool and then foam over the wool (keeps the wool from falling out), if mice do try and eat thru the foam they will stop when they reach the steel wool. You can also keep poison and traps in and around the RV.

Thanks for the Question Good Luck,

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Nov 18, 2012
Seems to help me
by: Larry C.

I read somewhere that dryer sheets placed around also keeps them away. Don't really know if it helps? But, I haven't seen any evidence of mice, and it smells good too.

Feb 04, 2013
Mouse deterrent
by: Anonymous

Out here on the east coast many RVers use Bounce dryer sheets in their RV or workshops. It seems to contain something the critters do not like, but it's a pleasant smell for the people. Also safer since it's not a poison. One service place used them around their garage and shop and almost never sees a mouse anymore.

Dec 20, 2013
micky at large
by: Anonymous

I had to laugh reading the mouse comments. Once we had a mouse in the furnace that was hooked on a clip and between the blower and the heat the mouse was as dried out and flat as a piece of jerky. But not before he crapped all over the furnace. Then,looking for a quick fix, we tried dryer sheets. We put them everywhere. The next time we went to the trailer to check on it, there was the sweetest little nest under the couch made from, you guessed it, dryer sheets. So much for that. Then we tried glue traps. The mice were coming in on the pipes under the oven. So we ringed the pipe with glue traps. They jumped over them from high up on the pipes. So we put a second ring of traps and caught one at the end of his swan dive. Splat! They made little piles of milo (grain) on our bed, under the spread, getting ready for winter. Now we were a grainery. It's cleaning up the excrement that is sickening. Everything has to be washed before each trip. I keep our eating and cooking utinsels in popcorn tins instead of the drawers because I can't stomach the idea of eating after the mice. We tried the poison and some steel wool scrubbers, but not the foam over them. It's a little hard to crawl under the trailer and guess everywhere they might come in. Love the layout. Hate the mice. Your design guys and builders can do better.

Feb 15, 2014
fresh cab
by: Anonymous


Mar 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

This is going to sound disgusting but I was at my wits end after trying dryer sheets, glue boards, tomcat traps, and Dcon to no avail. After searching through the internet, one RV'er claimed that used cat litter (clumps of urine - not feces)kept the mice away permanently. Desperate for a solution I tried it and have not had a mouse since. We were plagued with chewed wires, droppings in drawers and of course the occasional sighting while reaching into a cabinet (scared the bejeezus out of me). While the RV did smell funny after 3 months of storage, it aired out in a few hours and I didn't have to deal with mice again. Apparently mice have a very developed sense of smell and will not go near something if they get a whiff of a predator (or their urine). If you don't have a cat, you can also purchase Bobcat urine online at Best of luck to you.

Jun 08, 2014
Mice in the RV
by: Anonymous

Moth balls work for me, but wife hates the odor, so I use cakes of IRISH SPRING soap.

Sep 02, 2015
Mouse Problem
by: Anonymous

A Cat

Dec 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

Spearmint essential oil dabbed cotton balls set up in drawers cabinets etc.. mice stay away and it smells nice...

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