I Hate Being Told "Only a Pro" Can Fix/Diagnose etc

by Kurt D. Schacht
(Tucson, Az)

I was taught if man made it you can fix it! Granted I grew up in New England-home of Yankee Ingenuity-and self reliance. During my years of historically correct building rehabs I have encountered some "fixes"? that make you wonder why it lasted all these years or how many people were injured by this poorly engineered "fix" I always appreciated the basic attitude of the New Englander-I'll fix it myself--by gum. So always feel its a business generating ploy -telling someone that they can't learn enough to fix a whatever.

Of course I don't advocate DIY surgery-but man made items--research research especially with the WWW at our fingertips.

Thanks -& thats my two cents worth.

Kurt schacht

Our Thoughts

Thanks Kurt, sounds like we're on the same page with a lot of what you said here. In fact, this website is all about empowering the RV owner with knowledge to perform fixes and repairs without always having to seek out professional service.

We have a couple sections on our site that do recommend seeking out the service of a professional though, which may or may not be what prompted your writing to us about this on the refrigerators page. However, on that page we feel fully justified in doing so because that particular repair involves ammonia, a very serious and powerful colorless chemical that can burn, blind, or even kill you. The vast majority of RV owners should want nothing to do with that chemical and should leave repairs involving it to professionals who know exactly how to take care of it. (Click here to read the section I'm referring to.)

Generally speaking, we love the do-it-yourself attitude and that's exactly why we made this site--to provide the knowledge and resources to make do-it-yourself repairs more feasible. But when it's a matter of life and death (or serious injury), sometimes many people should call up a professional.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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