Golf Cart Batteries On An RV

by John Gardenhire
(Colo Springs, CO)

Question: I have golf cart batteries. What's the down side?

Robbie: First of all, 6 Volt batteries are called golf cart batteries because that is what they are most commonly used for. They are still deep cycle batteries and can be used for many purposes, including in your RV.

In fact, the downfalls to using 6 volt batteries in your RV are few, as they are much better than the 12 volt batteries for providing longer usage. If there are any concerns they would be...

1) 6 volt batteries are taller than the 12 volt.
2) 6 volt batteries are considerably heavier (More lead).
3) 6 volt batteries are a little more complicated to install and wire.

Lastly, batteries are measured in AMP HRS, meaning amps available per hour.
  • Two 6 volt batteries will give you over 400 amp hrs.

  • Two 12 volt batteries will give you approx 160 amp hrs.
In this respect, 6 volt batteries are actually better.

So basically there are no technical downsides to having golf cart batteries in your RV. Besides the fact that they are bulkier which makes them harder to install and replace, it is actually the preferred batteries to have in your RV.

Note: If you plan on being plugged in all the time, there is no reason to spend the money on upgrading to 6 volt, golf cart batteries.

Hope this helps answer your question,

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