Carrier RV Rooftop AC Lite Blinks 5 Times

by steve
(overland park, ks, usa)

Question: I have a carrier standard rooftop a/c. It works in heating and fan only.The evaporator,condenser coils are clean,the compressor windings have good resistance readings and there is no indication of refrigerant loss(oil stains.

In cooling mode neither the fan or compressor come on, the green light blinks 5 times, stays off for 3 seconds then blinks 5 times. the red light blinks continously.
my e-mail address is

Robbie: You can try resetting the computer by disconnecting 12V for a few seconds but if the computer is bad you've got a bigger problem. Carrier AC manufacturer closed its doors a few years ago and parts are no longer available. The support line is no longer being answered when a tech calls. So even if you need anything for the AC all you can do is call around for a repair shop that might still have what you need on there shelf's. I can't find anything here in the San Diego area anymore.

Thanks for the Question Good Luck,

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Jul 14, 2014
blinking 5 times
by: Bernadette

I am having similar problem, however my carrier unit will cool. I have to disconnect the 12v often for it to come back on. Any suggestions to fix?

Jan 01, 2015
4 blinks
by: Ted R

Just got off phone with former neighbor who is a RV repair tech. My unit blinks 4 times. He said to disconnect the house batteries then unplug shore line. Leave with no power for 30-60 seconds then plug everything back in. This gives the circuit board time to reset.

May 25, 2015
Me too
by: Jeff

Light blinks five times. Reset with DC. Ran for a while then need to be reset again. Hardly ever used the ac. Is there a fix for this?

Dec 18, 2015
light blinks 5 time
by: Alberto

excuse my grammar.
I have a carrier roof top A/C unit the light blinks 5 times but before i notice the light the unit started to cool then 40 seconds in it sounded like the compressor was over charging then the unit shut down it did it for couple of time now the unit wont turn on just the fan not the A/C

Feb 27, 2017
air conditioner
by: John

this morning got up start air and nothing ..Power in breakers comes in , power in air unit (120 ) remote new batteries that were checked and still nothing why??

Dec 07, 2017
6 blinks NEW
by: Anonymous

Blinks 6 times and stops than blinks 6 times aain. We had a power outage today and I am thinking that what cused it to blink, Fan works but compressor not coming on so figure it needs to be reset like the 5 blink rest problem too?

May 29, 2019
Flashing green
by: Shirley

I have a rooftop Carrier a/c on my 5th wheel and the green light in the ceiling constantly flashes. I turned the unit off and when I turned it on it continued to flash.Thank you.

Sep 10, 2019
Rv ac NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine flashes 3 times. Everything I have found says outside thermistor. I did read those don't go bad unless the wires have been frayed. Mine aren't. Does that mean my control board is bad? How can I test the thermistor?

Mar 29, 2020
6 Blinks
by: Anonymous

I have a Coleman mach 15K that was converted to use a Carrier V lower unit and control. It runs for a couple of minutes then stops and gives 6 blinks for a couple of minutes then comes back on. I don't know if it's the Carrier brains or the Coleman upper half that is the problem and what it is?

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