Carrier RV Air Conditioners?

by Bruce
(Lawrenceville, GA)

Question: Hello,

My a/c unit on my Outback travel trailer is made Carrier and sadly has died. The only advise I have received from several sources is to replace the entire central air unit at the tune of $1800 or more. Because nobody will touch it beings that Carrier RV units are no longer made. Is it possible to replace just the a/c unit? or do I really have to buy the whole a/c, furnace, and ceiling assembly? Will another brand of a/c work with the existing ceiling assembly and remote? Any advice would be appreciated.


Robbie: Hi Bruce, to answer your question requires doing so in parts.

First: Carrier AC had a fire in '09 and was bought out by another company. That company made the decision to stop making RV AC units (no reason given). When they sold out, all the remaining inventory was sold to a independent company in Florida and parts were available until inventory was gone and they are now sold out.

Second: If your AC is not responding from the remote it may just need the computer reset. Turning off the 12 volt (YES the 12 volt) to the AC and turning it back on will reset the computer.

Third: If you need to replace the system, you can replace it with a Coleman unit if you want a remotely operated unit, or a Duo Therm with the controls on the ceiling which comes with the AC for no extra charge. Cost for this would be no where near $1800. It should cost close to maybe half that installed.

Fourth: Your Furnace is on the floor and has been controlled through the Computer in your old Carrier AC. The wiring can be moved to allow a thermostat to be mounted on your wall to operate the furnace. This is done by using the wiring from the furnace and abandoning the wiring in the ceiling. You do not need to purchase a new furnace.

Either way, your estimate of $1800.00 is high based on the info you have provided me.

Good Luck Bruce,

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