Carrier Ducted Remote Control Air Conditioner

Question: When we attempt to turn on the ac, green light comes on, flashes five times, goes off, comes back on, flashes five time and the ac never comes on. What is it trying to tell us. Other ac is working fine.

Robbie: The computer is trying to say, "Hey, something went wrong last time you used me so I shut everything off." I'm just kidding. On a more serious note, the computer has gone into default because something went wrong the last time you used the AC. The most common of these problems is unplugging the motor home or trailer while the AC was running.

A more serious problem could exist like the compressor went bad.

All you need to do is remove 12 volt power to the computer that has the light flashing 5 times. You can pull a fuse in your power center or with the 110 volt disconnected, turn off the 12 volt kill switch or disconnect the battery for a second. This will reset the computer and the AC will now come on when you have 110 volt and the 12 volt to the PC Board. If the problem was as simple as you unplugged the power while the AC was running then the problem is fixed (Don't do that anymore).

If the problem was more serious the AC might still come on but the Computer will go into default again and you'll need to have the system tested by a qualified tech.

Good luck and let me know what happens,

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Aug 03, 2014
Ac broken
by: Tim

My carrier ac is doin the same as described above. I reset all power, checked all fuses with no luck. I turn the unit on but it shuts off n displays 5 flashes from the green light. Any idea what the next step would be. I've went as far as disconnecting all power from ac unit and camper,shore and resetting the thermostat . Any clue?

Jan 22, 2015
Carrier ducted ac with wireless thermostat
by: Anonymous

Mine is doing the same thing. The fan will run all night but as soon as I turn it to "cool" the compressor turns on but after a couple of minutes it cuts the whole unit off and flashing light returns. I already had to replace the compressor with a coleman (which required an additional adapter). I finally took it in to the place where I purchased the ac and they are telling me that the circuit board on the lower unit is bad. I just don't understand why the fan works and even the compressor works for a little while before it shuts off. I feel your frustration.

Mar 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

have same problem change lower board and still no change what the hell

Apr 13, 2015
shutting off not cooling flashes five times
by: Bill

Cleaned evaporator, power cable runs through split line in evaporator cover was not sealed well, had a gap and was pulling dirt in to the evaporator from the outside. Unit would run and felt colder but would shut down and flash five times for a while and turn back on repeatedly. Tightened wire nuts (three of them) on 110 volt cable inside the silver power box that has the circuit board in it inside the ceiling unit. Air conditioner seems to be working well will find out tomorrow when the heat hits. May have to cancel that new air conditioner I ordered today.
Good luck.

Apr 14, 2015
by: Bill

Air conditioner ran fine most of last night but this morning same problem, run for awhile then flash five for awhile and repeat. Checked battery and had some dry cells. Added water got 14 volts cleared code ( shut off 12 volt to circuit board) has been running all day 80 degrees outside nice and cool inside. Sometimes it is the little things in life.

Jun 06, 2015
Is the unit done ?
by: Tom

My carrier v , compressor and fan runs, the compressor shuts off after 10 minutes and then starts back up after 3 minutes , over and over again. fan runs all the time, not cooling well with compressor off 30% of the time. Any ideas? Should I just replace the unit?

Dec 12, 2015
I appreciate everyone who shared his story
by: Mohammad Amjad

I have the same issue
I bought 3 carriers model 42XPL036C3P
each unit cost me around 1650$ = 6200 ريال
2 of them are working fine with the third that turn on ((after I unplug the power off then on (to re-set the device) )) for 10 minutes before it turns off just after it gets cool and a yellow colored lamp keep flashing 5 times then disappears before it reappears back for around 3-5 minutes before the aircondition starts working again but it never cools only fan

Jun 05, 2017
by: Chase

Mine did the same thing. I turned off the A/C, unplugged shore power and disconnected the battery. Then reconnect the battery and plug in shore power(in that order). It reset the Carrier A/C motherboard, and it works. If that does not work, then the mother board is out and will not work again. I ended up having to replace my Carrier with a Coleman. Carrier does not make A/C units for RV's anymore.

Jul 13, 2017
Carrier A/C fix for mine NEW
by: Smacker45

My air was doing same thing green light flashing wouldn't come on tried all option cutting power fuses breaker 12v battery nothing worked. I took the remote control and moved it from Cool to Dry and its been running cooling with no problems. Don't know what Dry is for but it's Cooling and hasn't missed a beat.

Jan 02, 2018
Low Voltage Reboot Worked... for Awhile... NEW
by: Anonymous

Robbie's information on other threads about the problem with Carrier Air V units did the trick at first. Then, 22 minutes later unit shuts down and fault lamp flashes 4 times as before. I am now on the 4th cycle of this and the problem has kept repeating. I will try the 'Dry' mode as someone else has suggested and see if this works. Otherwise, why does the unit shut down every 22 minutes?
At this rate I will be looking for a replacement unit or perhaps a wall mounted thermostat as some other websites have suggested. I have yet to try the emergency cool switch on the ceiling but this test will be coming up next also.
Good luck to all us with these piece-of-sh*t Carrier units! Never another Carrier again for me even if their residential and commercial units have a better reputation. I no longer trust Carrier.

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