Atwood Furnace Won't Ignite

Question: I have a 2001 Teton with an Atwood model 8531-IV-DCLP that won't ignite. The blower and propane solenoids are working fine and I'm getting a 63-65 volt reading on the igniter wire using a digital voltmeter (with the igniter wire connected at both ends). Is that enough voltage to fire the igniter?

Robbie: Turn the furnace on again and go outside to the exhaust, wait for the furnace to try and ignite and when its finished smell the exhaust for propane... smell from the side-DO NOT put your face in front of the exhaust.
If you smell propane you do have a problem with your ignitors and they may need to be cleaned or replaced(call a qualified tech to do this). If you don't smell propane you have a gas supply problem or your gas valve is not opening. Test the gas by lighting a burner on your stove top and turn on the furnace when it tries to ignite the flame on the stove should remain the same, if it gets smaller you do not have enough gas pressure. Lastly to answer your question carefully remove the Computer Curcuit board and you can take it to any RV repair center and they can test it for you to be sure the ignitor is sparking strong enough. Please feel free to call me anytime if I can answer any more questions regarding the furnace.

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May 07, 2015
atwod furnace wont light
by: mikebab

hello i have an atwood furnace, i changed sail switch ,limit switch ,ignitor and gas valve i hear it clicking but wont fire, i dont smell propane also board was checked and is good.. please help thank you

Mar 08, 2016
Atwood furnace won't start at all
by: Marc

My 2016 Lance has a Atwood Intertek forced air furnace that worked well for many months. Now it won't blow air at the startup or even work with the heat cycle. The 12 volt fuse is good in the dist panel. The 1 amp fuse is good in the Thermostat too. The A/C works fine. Any ideas? I'm 2000 miles from home and any Lance warranty centers.

Feb 15, 2017
Our solution
by: Al

Finally found the solution to my problem. After replacing the propane valve, sail switch, checking circuit board, checking the limit switch, it wouldn't ignite. It turned out to be in the gas valve not getting the proper pressure to the heater. Lifted the little cap off the gas valve and inside turned the inserted screw very gently till it stopped. Do not tighten. The furnace has worked perfectly ever since.

Aug 21, 2018
Furnace won't ignite NEW
by: Dennis Martinelli

I found that my atwood 8531 furnace would not ignite unless I pounded on the side of the furnace. After doing some research and reading many blogs I took my furnace apart and looked at the control board. Nothing was burned on it and the green light was blinking once and then again 3 seconds later. I looked up the codes and it said something about air blockage. There was nothing in line of the fresh air intake. When this happens it is most likely the sail switch. The sail switch tells the unit that there is plenty of air flow and it is safe to continue firing the furnace up. The furnace is rated to be safe and not ignite if the blower doesn't produce enough air flow(70%). The sail switch is located on the underside of the blower motor (squirrel cage) housing. The switch is held in by two screws. It has been known for these switches to burn out and not allow the furnace to work. I called atwood and they said that because this furnace was discontinued that there was no replace part listed for the sail switch. I was told I would most likely have to purchase a new furnace. I went on amazon and found this switch, Atwood 36680 Sail Switch. The switch costs me $4.95 and was sent in three days. I put this switch in and the furnace fired right up. Please do this before taking your furnace in to be fixed. This was an easy fix and saved me hundreds of dollars. Good luck. Any questions you can contact me at No charge for what I know. Thanks

Dec 21, 2018
Furnace wont stay lit
by: Jim

Blower kicks on. 10 seconds later load click.I hear burner start. Heat comes out exhaust. after a few seconds gas turns off. After 10 or 20 seconds, it tries again.
I have had the furnace out several times. I can not find the sail switch. Air flow seems good. blower not dirty.

Nov 06, 2019
Atwood Furnace not lighting properly NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a MD30111_A furnace that the fan comes on and then it tries to light just pops and lights for under a second then goes out. It will keep trying to light every few seconds. After a few tries if I am lucky it will start and run. If not it just keeps trying to light on and on beyond the three or four tries. I have made sure the igniter works and is clean and spaced the 1/8".The control board has no codes on it. I cleaned the jet and made sure the gas valve is opening. Any ideas?

Apr 08, 2021
atwood 7916-ll gas valve adjustment NEW
by: Bryan

trying to adjust gas valve. I have verified lp supply at 10 psi from regulator. Gas valve says 1/2 psi . Checking with manometer , seems like I have to turn screw several times from where it was originally to get to .5 ?

Feb 21, 2022
by: K.E. Moore

I have cleaned the sail switch on my Atwood 8535-IV-DCLP. We have tested the circuit board and everything else, it occassionally will ignite, but once it shuts off, it will not ignite again and just blows cold air. Next, my Atwood Dometic G10-3E water heater decided to basically start doing the same thing as the furnace. It will occassionally ignite, but once the water reaches a certain temp, it cuts off and will not re-ignite. Because Robbie, posted the info about the gas not being introduced to the RV properly, I tried to light my stove, hear hissing, but it will not light. I should mention that we replaced the circuit board, igniter, thermostat, thermal cutoff, and the power switch inside on the water heater. Just left a message for my plumber/gas guy.

Jan 31, 2023
Sail Switch Part Number Change NEW
by: Anonymous

Looks like the switch has changed from ATTWOOD to DREYOO - found it on Amazon Jan 2023 for $9

Dreyoo 36680 Sail Switch Replacement for Atwood RV Furnace, Low Air Flow Sail Switch Compatible with Dometic 36680 31377 Suburban 232261(1 Pack)

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