Are RV Repairs on your next RV going to suck your budget dry? Here are some tips to find out if the RV you are looking to purchase may be future money pit.

by Jeff Shelton
(San Diego, CA, USA)

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There is little doubt that the RV Industry has been one of the most rapidly changing businesses in the country over the last 10 years. With the incredible technology that goes into the coaches getting more and more complex combined with many manufacturers having gone out of business or having changed ownership has made the cost for repairs and access to parts much more volatile.

There is little doubt that repair and service industry has also become more complex and costly making it that much more difficult to plan and budget for possible RV repairs. As one would expect certain RV’s are more reliable than others, some are reliable but costly to repair when they do finally need repairs, and there are some are a little of both. So how is one to know which RV’s tend to be more costly than others?

Since my background has been working in the RV Extended Warranty business for all of my post college working career dating back to 2001, I have been able to observe the RV Industry thru one of the most interesting and turbulent times. This experience has allowed me to help Rvers understand the risks of owning particular RV’s from a warranty underwriters stand point and help them manage their budgets when it comes to picking out certain RV’s.

So what is the likelihood of the RV I want to buy breaking down?

Of course that will depend on the type of RV you are looking at, but industry statistics reveal that 3 out of every 10 RV’s will need some type of major repair by only the second year, and nearly every RV by only their 8th. Along with more items to repair, there has been an ever increasing cost for making those repairs. For example, most RV repair facilities have labor rates have reached over $100 per hour mark, and this is before the cost of parts. So how much can part cost? Of course that would depend on the repair, but the stats can be shocking to most people. As a nationwide average, the cost of parts will be about double the cost of labor. So at for every $100 per hour spent
on labor, the average cost of parts will average around $200, for a total of $300 per hour worked on your RV between the two. So as you can see the risk for many of us is certainly worth looking into further.

So what are the most common items that breakdown and how much could it cost?

Again, this would depend on your particular RV, but here is the typical range owners can expect depending on their particular RV.

Common Repairs

Engine $1,400 - $30,000
Transmission $1,900 to $12,000
Dash Air $700 - $3,800
Fuel System $600 - $3,400
Braking Components $500 - $2,500
Roof A/C $600 - $3,500
Generator $400 - $4,000
Refrigerator $600 - $3,500
Waste System $400 - $3,400
Leveling System $500 to $2,000
Slide Outs $500 to $1,700
Heating Assembly $300 to $1,500

How do I know how much my particular RV will cost me to fix?

Of course some RV’s go years without any problems while others seem to have some type of problem every time you take it out. However, more and more people are using the internet to find out their risks by checking with the top RV Extended Warranty providers. Whether or not you wish to protect your RV investment upfront or pay for repairs as they arise, using this as a tool can be a great way to budget your RV over the long term since it is their sole purpose to evaluate the repair risks of RV’s. Also, many of the companies online will actually include or help you obtain a 3rd party inspection to evaluate the working condition of the coach before you have to purchase.

My company,, is one of several companies you can find online that will help you obtain an exact price to prepay most any repairs bill ahead of time, along with helping you organize an inspection of the RV before you buy. Our service along with many other online companies are free to use and at the very least help you get a better understanding of the repair risks of the RV before you buy. For more information on obtaining RV breakdown costs and information or for help in setting up pre-purchase inspections, you can go to our website or shoot me an email at

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