Slide Out Floor

My slide out under my bedroom is rotting out ..looks to be black preesboard..time and cost of repairs?

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Mar 08, 2011
Slide Out Floor
by: Robbie @ Warford's RV

Thanks for the question. I can't give you an acurate estimate without more info but it does sound like it's a serious leak issue. If the pressboard is Black and rotted you have have more than just a floor to replace.
Keep in mind there is a good chance the black in the wood you see is mold and is very unhealthy for you to be sleeping over.
My suggestion is you have this looked at as soon as you can. I'm sure a repair of this size would be better done in a shop than using a mobile service.
The slide-out will most likely be completely removed and repaired as needed and re-installed.
Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.

Good luck,

Aug 22, 2011
living slide out floor bad
by: Lind and Larry

we had leak under one side of eat-in booth and did find it before it rioted out a small space which we repaired. this problem is with our living space slide out the floor under and about 24" in front of slide out is bad. can you tell us about what it will cost to repair.

thanks Linda and Larry

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